I am an artist and fine art is in my blood. I love to express myself through colors, textures, strokes and shapes. I passed my four years graduation from National College of Arts, Lahore, Pakistan in 1995 and right after completion I was invited to join the institution as a visiting lecturer. I served there for at least 14 years in episodes and leave them as an Assistant Professor. I taught Painting, Drawing Free Hand & Perspective in different department like Fine Art, Communication Art, Designing, Ceramics & Architecture etc.

During the period, I also worked for many other organizations either paid or volunteer. I worked for boutiques like Anchal, Kins, Motifz and SHE Garments as a color consultant and fabric designer. I also worked as a teacher in Lahore School of Fashion Design.

My freelance painting passion continued side by side and I participated in lot of Solo and Group Exhibitions. As a volunteer I worked for Pakistan Society of Rehabilitation, Lahore, Pakistan psrd.org.pk  and spent a lot of time with disabled. I also decorate rooms and corridors of psychology & addiction wards of Fountain House hospital fountainhouse.com.pk. Duff and Dum School story books contribution is another volunteer addition of my life.

I love to paint in different medium. My work is in Egg Tempera, Dry Pastels, Water Colors, Pencils, Ink and Wash, Charcoal etc. I paint realistic and abstract, Landscape and Portraits, Feelings and Emotions. I also paint on Fabric for my own satisfaction.

You can find me at www.facebook.com/JojoNCA. I am also running a facebook page named Jojo where a lot of artist share their work and skills. You can also find me on pintrest. I will be soon online on tumblr, google + and other social media sites.

You can contact me on my email faridafatima.jojo@gmail.com. I am happy to answer any of your queries.

Wishing you a happiness and thanks for reading.


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