Latest Artwork in Egg Tempera

In the age of forty one I have learnt a lot from life. I feel the purity of love of a child and the purity in worries and affection of parents towards me. When I completed my study I attained the skills and grip on painting but one thing is missing and that is expression, significance of behaviors. Perfection in copy of an object on Canvas was the skill to me. With the passage of time and spending a large amount of my life I learned, realize and wish to express feelings and approach. When I touch something I feel softness or hardness. When I smell I feel good or bad. When I hear something it sound good or bad. I spent all my life with my parents and with my children and husband. What I feel during this time? I strive to convert it on Canvas.

Canvas is an entity to me to whom I can talk without any fear. To whom I can freely convey my feelings either its good or bad, either its love or hate, either its respect or insolence. Following paintings are the attempt of these expressions in relation to my parents and family.

Both the paintings are in relief effect. One painting is on 36×24 inches Canvas and other is on 30×24 inches Canvas. The medium which I used is Egg Tempera. It is my latest work and I want to sell this.



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